Cybersex is an evocative subject. It it is a source of sexual freedom and fulfilment for many people, but it has also led to the break-up of numerous marriages and partnerships. Cybersex brings together the public and the intimate in a way that we have never experienced before. Cybersex may take place in a virtual world, but it can be very powerful and overwhelmingly real to the participants.

In Cyber-Charade (below) Cara, a freelance writer, has accurately captured the feelings and emotions of cybersex participants. More of Cara's writing, including numerous poems and articles about the Internet and Cyberspace, can be found on her own website at



By: Cara ©1997


Intimate Strangers


Whirling through endless electronic realms

You launched your lust upon electric currents

Of cresting cybercircuits, wanting a fantasy,

A lover who would create a magic moment,

A mystery-space in time, oblivious as to why,

Escape into a virtual world of intimacy.


You sat behind a computer, obscured,

An anonymous stranger seeking bliss

In a virtual kiss, cock-throbbing caresses

For the strong, hard thrusts into an imaginary

Woman writing as wildly as the fire

Engulfing you in the flames of desire,

Searing the screen where you stared

At passionate words racing hotly through

An artificial tunnel where distance disappears,

And there's only you and her, man and woman,

Locked in a primal dance of deathless energy.


Later, drained and dazed, you tell her

(Though you too suspect it's not true)

That virtual intimacy is quite normal,

And it's safe for total strangers

To share a dream of sexual thirst

Which spans the continents onscreen.


Somehow discomfort sets in, she seems

To bridge the cold void of emotionless

Oceans, the many wires and phone lines

Separating you both, asking questions

You'd rather not answer, nor ask

Of her either. Yet she persists & requests

You reveal more than you meant to --

It's like waking the next bleak morning

When a one-night stand stays too long.


Disentangling yourself from the intimate

Strangeness, which you could have prevented,

You exit, flushed and slightly ashamed:

It was only a brief, mindless event,

You and yourself, touching and stroking;

She was a bright screen lit by lust

And you were as needy as she was...

You tell yourself it was not real,

Only a blind jerkoff in a virtual world,

A fragmentary collision of intimate strangers.



Modern Dreamers & Lovers


Stars in space dance white-hot,

And sparkle brilliant in night skies,

While the cosmos breathes a sigh,

Echoing universal, human desires;

We are both rocked in the cradle

Of the mystical, magical Milky Way,

And though our separate destinies

Lie somewhere out there, indefinite,

We have arrived at the same gate

Where a new, foreign landscape

Awaits us in the electronic realm,

An enchanted dreamscape for modern man.


Stars for eons have spun endlessly

And lit many ancient nighttime skies,

Inspiring those long-ago dreamers & lovers,

For the cosmos is ageless and exists

For us, mortals of human birth;

But the modern frontier we're exploring,

Through electric currents & cybercircuits,

Has given us a unique chance to embrace,

To touch, to caress and cherish each other

In a time and place only recently invented,

Yet as eternal and timeless for us

As the grand vista of outer space

Was for dreamers and lovers in the past.





You live & love halfway round the earth

From where I am in my southern world;

You lead a life of emotional intensity,

A singer of songs, a talented music-man,

Weaving charmed rhythms in smoky clubs,

Nights of hauntingly sad melodies,

Or thunderous beats of rock and roll...

You are in that exotic, foreign land

Where the ancient, ageless Adriatic sea

Divides sandy coasts from rugged shores,

And yet I sense it has never tamed you,

Nor cured you of being a restless soul,

A vibrant, passionate man who listens

And hears long-ago echoes out beyond

The mountainous terrain surrounding him:

Still a youthful dreamer...

Still yearning for the unattainable...

Searching for something that all artists pursue:




Passionate Music


You are a soulful music-man,

A singer of songs divine,

And you charm effortlessly --

Oh, I know it's true:

Your smoldering performances

That exude potent sensuality,

A sexy smile, a hot glance,

A smooth, hypnotic voice...

Your mesmerize them all,

The audience of adoring fans.


I can't compete with addiction,

Your talented exhibitionist act,

Or your need for anonymous faces

Enraptured as you entertain...

But I can offer you a key to freedom

For you can be open with me,

Release your silent, buried fantasies

And learn how a low, soft melody

Builds into a crescendo of burning desire

To create an unrelenting, savage beat

That reels you with mounting intensity

Until all your unspoken longings

Burst into a blaze of passionate music.



Love Given


I know you fear

I want and need more

Than you can offer;

But you are wrong

For I only have one wish

And that, my darling is

To love you, to free you,

Awaken you to the magic

Of desire and passion

You may be missing

Without even knowing it.


I know you are happy, fulfilled

By your life, your wife, your children,

And I would never, ever intrude

Into that special family world

You and they have strongly built:

I'd die a little if I did.


I know you may retreat, withdraw,

Unwilling to accept my love,

And I will understand if you do --

But what is truly important

Music-man of my dreams,

Is that I've told you,

Somehow shown you,

And for even one moment

Made you feel loved,

Desired, wanted by me...

For love given,

Love felt by another,

Is always better shared,

Than held silently within.



Magic Music-Man


It's not that I wanted

The falling, the fearing

And the poignant yearning,

Or the sweet dance of desire...


I wasn't searching for magic

Or the exquisite torture

Of blissful hurt

That swells my heart

To overflowing joy!


It's not that I needed

The aching, the breaking

And the crazed delirium

Of lusting for you...

Or the dark, mad mystery

That trembles in my body,

Shakes my sanity,

Weakens my legs...



It is only that I found

You this moment

In eternity --

And I cannot deny

The power, the beauty,

The grand design

Of our chance meeting,

When I know now you exist

Out there somewhere

And I am lost here...

So in love with you,

A magic music-man.



Virtual Universe


How did this happen?

How could I let it?

I've never met you,

Never touched you

In the flesh...

Yet you exist

In my soul --

I'm in love

With a shadowy


A ghostly figment

Of my imagination.


Have I deceived myself?

How could I believe

You'd feel a flicker,

A sudden, brief

Leap of your heart

Instead of your cock?


How foolish I am...

A lost, silly woman,

Madly in love!

Craving your charisma


I am yours to command.


Living in our fantasy

I'll accept your lust,

Your sexual hunger,

Without promise of love

Or a soulful bond...

Confined within the boundaries

Of a cold, virtual universe,

Because I love you that much.



Virtual Apollo


What would it take to make

You want me half as much

As I want you wildly aroused?


Do you know I lie awake

Staring at my dark ceiling,

Wanting your glowing words onscreen,

Aching for a vibrant, virtual touch,

A cross-continent online fuck?


Your image is stored, a mistake,

For it has unleashed in me

A volcano of molten, melting desire:

You are an Apollo, the beautiful

Greek God of music, a healer,

The male God of light and truth...

Are you the cruel Wolf-god too?


You've gone, the computer screen blank,

No messages, no email as I sit alone

Dreaming of your thick, dark hair,

Full lips that invite wet kisses,

And those deep, soulful eyes that lure

Women like me into near hysteria,

Sick with waiting, wanting and despair.



Neon-Blue Nowhere


The forbidden world of cybersex

Captured me unaware, sent

My senses reeling into orbit,

Spinning wildly out of control,

Existing in a strange space,

Faceless, inventing a random

Rendezvous with a phantom,

A dashing, sexy music-man:

Both of us living breathless,

Neither here, nor wholly there,

Disembodied but ardent,

Somewhere in the neon-blue nowhere.


The x-rated world of cybersex

Laid bare my secret fantasies,

And I lost all my inhibitions:

No denial, only lustful bliss,

Uncensored freedom to express

Buried desires, wild scenarios,

And even if I risk my heart,

My body is safe, my soul strong,

I'm rescued by the cyber-charade

That keeps us all returning:

Blessed Anonymity...

Neither here, nor wholly there,

Somewhere in the neon-blue nowhere.


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